Mykonos Luxury Hotels

Mykonos Luxury Hotels

Complete Directory on Mykonos luxury hotels, check availability and book online. Our list will offer a various types of hotels: 5 star hotels, 4 star hotels, 3 star hotels luxury hotels, cheap hotels. All the hotels have breathtaking view unique for every part of the day. The visitors wiil enjoy the wideknown greek hospitality.

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Mykonos town is the supreme example of a Cycladic village. Built in a maze of narrow lanes to defy the wind and pirate raids, the bustling port is one of the most photoraphed in Greece.

Mykonos is popular primarily for its beaches. The best ones are along the south coast. Here are without doubt the most - and best - to be found. Particularly in the South, the picturesque coves with sandy beaches follow one another. Those beaches, can be reached by car or motorbike, since the radial roads of the island starting from the Mykonos town stretches nearly to each corner. Precisely because of that particular road network in the island, many Southern beaches are linked with each other with a boat operating on a regular service, all day all summer, which offers the visitor a very interesting excursion opportunity. Worldwide known is the Super Paradise, and Paradise Beach.

Mykonos has rightly earned the title of most cosmopolitan island of Greece. Here travelers from all social classes and cultures come together to create an atmosphere of joy. This unique island in the Cyclades has managed over the years to attract more and more visitors.

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